Product Features

Specially designed SIMVERTEX SH7S-V3 racing gear lever for simulation games.

Designed with reference to the racing manual gearbox, making you feel like in the racing.

All-metal structure made by CNC (Computerized Numerical Control), with strong durability and reliability.

Precisely adjusted block resistance in each group to achieve the best experience

6 Omron switches, enabling each gear to work for more than one million times*

*Based on Omron’s official experimental statement data

Changeable gear levers with different functions that can support both racing or truck games


The gear body is in the 5+R gearbox mode by default, with different gear lever components available for installation.

Racing Reverse Gear Lever:

When lifting the switch up and entering the 1, 2, 5, and 6 gears, 4 additional gears can be activated.

Support 6+R or 7+R transmission mode

Truck Handle Gear Lever:

Used to switch the high-low gear and high-low speed switch on the gear lever

Support 10/13/18 speed transmission mode


Most gear lever balls on the market can be installed on the gear lever for use due to the standard M12*1.25 threaded interface on it.

The equipment is connected with M8 round head bolts in the bottom, allowing it to be installed on the 4080aluminum bracket.

Applicable to the Windows operating system of PC device, and support simulation games with controller and custom gear.

Packing list of Products and Bonus Accessories:

1) Gear main body*1

2) 1.5m USB aviation cable*1

3) 140mm gear lever*1

4) Carbon fiber decorative tube*1

5) White nylon ball*1

6) M8 screws*4

7) M8 gaskets*4

8) Pressure adjustment wrench *1

9) Gear lever locking wrench *1

10) Lubricant *1 bottle

Fast Installation Instructions

  1. You are recommended to install the gear on the aluminum profile, and buy the slider nuts according to the profile specifications.

2.  Insert the aviation plug end of the connecting cable into the four-pin interface on the left side of the rear of the device

3.  If the product cannot be recognized by computer or need to re-plug the device every time the computer start after the product is plugged in the computer’s USB, this is caused the conflict when connecting to the USB HUB. Please plug in the USB port of the computer motherboard in case of this problem.

Daily Maintenance

Please do not disassemble or replace any screws on the product except the acrylic baffle screws on both sides, to avoid any damage to the screw glue and torque that will make the product loose.

Daily maintenance is required and shall take place every 1-2 months on time when the product fails to work smoothly, or is used in a humid and dusty environment.

Apply a proper amount of lubricating oil to the following parts.

1. Evenly spread lubricating oil on the exposed shaft and its end surface to prevent rust.

2. Remove the three pressure adjustment screws, and drip one drop of lubricating oil directly into each spring.

3. Drip one drop of lubricating oil on the back and forth of the nylon ball at the base of the gear lever.

The lubricating oil with low-viscosity and liquid grease used specially for the optical axis is recommended. Other types of engine oil or lithium-based butter are not allowed to use.

To avoid pollution, please do not put the lubricating oil that has been opened for use in the moisture-proof box of the product.

Excessive use of lubricating oil will lead to leakage and is not allowed.

Please apply lubricating oil to the exposed shaft and its end surface when the product is left unused for a long time, and shall be put and kept sealed in the moisture-proof box together with desiccant.